Emails (copied and pasted) Between my Teacher and I

  • Me:Hi Sir, I hope you are having a lovely half term. I was wondering if you could email me the specification sheet you created?
  • Sir:Lol Nerd, you have to revise! Here's the attachment. You only have a week to learn everything - the pressure. I am actually having a lovely half term. I'm currently in Greece chatting up some lovely archaeologists by reciting Latin love poetry. Email me if you need anything else but I'm going now because they are handing out free beers. Sir.
  • Me:Are you sure you're chatting them up or are you creeping them out? I am mighty jealous of you being in Greece with free beer though whilst I'm sat here revising in the rain. Could you send me the latin-greek comparison sheet, please?
  • Sir:You are such a nerd wanting all these sheets. I don't even know why you are bothering to revise. Look at the attachments. FYI I was not creeping the ladies out. BTW One of my 'friends' thinks you are like Granger because you're teaching yourself Runes and Hieroglyphics. Also, the ladies think that I'm cute because I'm helping you during my holidays. Sir. PS if you need anything else, email. PPS keep emailing because it's making me cuter. PPPS I think I've found your soul mate.
  • WTF. How am I meant to respond to this?
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